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With Canned, you can create text message templates and/or set recipients for easier, quicker and safer texting.

Precomposed text messages
Never type a reoccurring message again with Canned’s patented* save-to-send-later feature!
Super quick SMS action
Send a canned message in under 2 seconds!* It’s as easy as launch, select, send!
Group SMS messages
As a result of 14 years of research and development*, we’ve enabled Group SMS.
Stay focused in the meeting
Get raises, bonuses and promotions when your boss sees your data-retention has tripled* as a result of using Canned!
Keep your eyes on the road
Although lab tests show a 650% safer trip*, do not use Canned while driving.
X-Ray mode
This is completely false. Canned can’t see through walls or clothes or anything like that.

* Some of these claims may or may not be factually accurate according to, but not limited by laws of physics, definitions of terms, personal perspective, and/or common sense.